Facebook Comment photos – FB Funny Pictures with quotes for Comment

Facebook Comment photos – FB Funny Pictures with quotes for Comment

Facebook Introduced picture comments in comment box. This photo comment option increasing the creativity of the users. Action Speaks louder than words, If you just dropped your text comment definitely it misses some feel in those words. You can show your emotions in the form of pictures which express clearly.

How to Post Picture in Comment :

You can create picture comment by two ways either by uploading your photo or by copy and pasting the image.

To Upload the Picture in comment, Click the Camera Icon on right side of facebook comment box. This will open a window to attach a photo. Select a image to attach in FB comment. Now your image will appear in comment box and then include some text if you need and press enter.

To post image in comment by copy and past method, search a image and then right click and “copy image”. This works fine in Google chrome and some other latest version of browsers. For me Mozilla Firefox not supporting this picture comments.

Collection of Funny Pictures for Facebook Comments

How to search good photo to comment in facebook

To comment good picture in FB first you need get facebook photo comments ideas. When you see a status, what you think and how you explain that in words. This words help you to search images. Use google search to find the images.


Funny things to say on picture comments

There are lot of funny thing to say in pic comments like emotions, imitating, funny dialogues,  funny pictures with quotes on them and most important is you must thing funny and your picture should make fun on status.
sweet picture comments for facebook
nice picture comments for facebook

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